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Sojiro Seta

Sojiro Seta

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PostSubject: 'True Night' Archive   'True Night' Archive Icon_minitime12/9/2008, 2:48 pm

December 8th, 2008

The ring is covered with a huge bordeaux carpet and inside the ring there are three recliner chairs of the same color (two aside each other and other in front), with mics on its arms, and a coffee table in the middle of the ring with a huge plasma suspended above it, showing the golden text 'The True Night'. Suddenly the music blasts all over the arena and the crowd gets excited and enthusiastic as Nocturu and Sojiro Seta come out from backstage to the top of the ramp in the recieving end of a huge ovation. The Night Assassins shake hands of some fans on their way down the ramp and slide under the bottom rope, as the crowd is chanting 'assassins, assassins'. They both sit on the chairs placed side-by-side and grab their respective mics, with their fans still applauding and cheering for them.

Sojiro Seta: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls!! Welcome everybody to the first edition of the most exciting talkshow ever made, this is the 'True Night'!!!
Nocturu: And we're your co-hosts, the ones and only, Night Assassins!!!

The crowd erupts in appreciation and chant again 'assassins, assassins'.

Sojiro Seta: That's right. Here in the 'True Night', we'll get our special guests to say the truth and expose themselves as persons and wrestlers to you, our devoted fans. And how more appropriate could our first show begin than with the man that indeed brought wrestling to this whole new level??
Nocturu: So, without further ado, we ask you to please stand up and deliver a worm welcome to our special guest here tonight, he's the GM of UWC, Dai Shi!!!

GM Dai Shi comes out to a thunderous applause and makes his way to the ring in the midst of fans all screaming "UCW, UCW". He enters the ring and sits on the respective chair, grabbing his mic.

Sojiro Seta: We're very happy to have you here with us, GM. It's an honor to stand before the creator of UWC, which we hope to achieve greatness in no time with the help of those on the roster, including us (smiling during this last statement).
GM Dai Shi: I agree Sojiro, if we all put up the effort then UCW will be on the map before you know it.
Nocturu: We'll definetively work hard to be of high value. But the fact, GM Dai Shi, is that you made an instant impacton the first show of UCW. You made that UWC Heavyweight Championship Tournament which englobed our VCM and person who runs Friday Night Chaoz, TCM. Do you believe it's healthy to have a possible champion as director of one of your shows?? Doesn't that gives him a little advantage over all the other title runners due to his power in FNC??
GM Dai Shi: That is a great question and you know what? I do not regret making my decision putting The Crimson Moon in the tournament because i believe he is championship material. As for his power in this fed, that doesn't make a difference in the title run because i call the shots around here and if he ever tried to use his powers to get and upper hand on his opponent then it'll be the end of him.
Sojiro Seta: But you also gave him a major warning that night. If he ever mentions another fed's name in this company, under your lead, he's contract is up, he gets fired, correct? So we may assume that the same warning is adressed to the entire roster??
GM Dai Shi: Yes that is correct, and if all of my guys in the back don't already know about it, I will tell you now. I will not allow any mention of any other fed in MY fed or what I told TCM will happen to you.
Nocturu: And finally, now that we're at it, why is that you reject this idea of hearing mentions of another feds in your shows??
GM Dai Shi: I do not want my guys mentioning other Federations in mine because we are not that fed. I don't need nor want to know what you did in that fed or how many times you won that feds' title. That all means nothing in UCW and to me, UCW is a brand new start and the only thing that matters is what you do here, not what you did with your old fed.
Sojiro Seta: I'd bet everyone in the back has listened to that statement and will keep their behave in line. Thank you very much for being here GM, we appreciated your honesty.
Nocturu: We're the Night Assassins and this was the 'True Night'. Bye everyone.

The crowd responds with applauses and cheers for the three men in the ring.
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Sojiro Seta

Sojiro Seta

Posts : 19
Join date : 2008-11-28
Age : 32
Location : Lisbon; Portugal

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PostSubject: Re: 'True Night' Archive   'True Night' Archive Icon_minitime12/9/2008, 2:55 pm

The stage is set just like the previous show, ready for another edition of the 'True Night' as it is seen in the plasma. Then the music blasts and the crowd goes wild as they see the Night Assassins come out from the backstage. The duo shouts with pure adrenaline to their fans as they frenetically chant 'assassins, assassins' and both of them come down the ramp. The UWC Tag Team Champions slide under the bottom rope and arise each one to a corner, lifting their title belts up high to delirium of the crowd. Finally they sit on their respective chairs and grab their mics, with the fans still chanting their names.

Sojiro Seta: Damn it feels great to be tag champions!!! And to be back here at the 'True Night'!!
Nocturu: You're right, really fantastic to have this backup from our awesome fans and to pay them back with this golden belts!!

Crowd cheers for the UWC tag champions and chant even louder 'assassins, assassins'.

Sojiro Seta: But as you've seen for the past couple of days, things are starting to get really fired up here around this fed, and there is a man who as been a real match for this growing 'fire'.
Nocturu: But enough of riddles. I ask all of you to please welcome our guest here tonight, he's the VGM and director of FNC, The Crimson Moon!!!

Music is heard over the arena, and the lights dim down. sounds of wolfs growling is heard over the arena. The crimson moon walks through the entrance ramp. then fire works burst through the ramp as he walks down the ramp, wearing Black & Gold Under Armor with Red wording on the Under Armor that says "The Hired Assassins", UFC Tights, UFC gloves on both hands and his right ankle is tapped up. The Crimson Moon enters the ring and puts both of his arms in the air and slams them toward the mat, therefore lightning the ring turnbuckles on fire.

Sojiro Seta: Welcome to the 'True Night' TCM. Please acomodate yourself, and Amber, as your our guests here, but remember this, we make the questions around here.
Nocturu: So, tell us TCM, how does it feels to be the new UWC world Champion?? Does it changes your way of acting with other guys here at FNC, or even with our GM Dai Shi??
TCM: Well to be honest I think it does. It might be the same with you to since you're the Tag Champs. Other tag teams might want to go gunning for you if you know what I mean. Same here. They might attack me or even try to take sides with me. But to answer your question: Yes it does. I might have to destroy other wrestlers who I face because I need to make a point to the other wrestlers that I am the most Dominant Wrestler here in UCW and FNC. But not with Dai Shi. It could but I don't think it would... Unless if he tries to take me out himself. Then we would have a problem. Does that answer your question?
Sojiro Seta: Yes, it does. But, however, I notice that you seem to have some thorns in your relation with our GM. Is it because of that warning he gave you in our first ever show, to never ever mention another fed's name while under his lead of UWC??
TCM: Dang that is one Hell of a question... Um... To be honest that kind did affect our relationship a bit. I mean come on! I am the highest payed wrester in the Roster of FNC and UCW. So I don't think he should really be saying that stuff. Although I did agree with him when he told me that I shouldn't mention another federation. I mean I am now in UCW, so I don't really need to be mentioning another federation. Even though this is your show Sojiro Seta and Nocturu, I would like to ask you a question, and this question goes for both of you. Who would you think is your biggest competition here in FNC for those Tag Team Titles?
Nocturu: Glad you ask that, because in our opinion that isn't a real tag team in the back who can even threat us to take away our titles. Not even those puny guys from The Fraternity, Afuntog and iron maiden, can believe that they're ever gonna steal our titles from us. Why do you ask that??
TCM: Well for one reason I don't really want to answer that question yet. I have two people in mind who actually can beat you or who could give you a challenge. But I think you know them very very good... Well, on to the next question!
Sojiro Seta: Funny thing, you found us some challengers... But, to finish, how about you? Don't you worry about who might come after your UWC World Heavyweight title??
TCM: What do you mean?
Sojiro Seta: I mean that you might, just might, get a lot of work to do now that you're the top champion. Don't you fear for whatever challenge match or challenger GM Dai Shi might throw at you??
TCM (laughing): Thats what you meant I though you were dissing me...Well No I don't fear anyone. But I am the Highest payed wrestler here in UCW, so that means I am the best. I even hole the UCW Title so you can't really say I fear someone. Why do you ask, have you heard something?
Sojiro Seta: No, just trying to get to you so you be prepared to whatever might come in store for you in the future... This is the end of the 'True Night', thanks for being tuned with us.
Nocturu: And we're your co-hosts, the UWC Tag Team Champions, the Night Assassins!!! Cheers!

The Crimson Moon gets up from his seat, as well as the Night Assassins, the three men cheer for the crowd and leave the scene.
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